How would you describe your style photography? 

While I photograph weddings in a very journalistic style, I am very hands off during most of the day, I do believe there is a time and place for beautiful casually posed images of the couple together. So while I don't won't stop you and make you pose while cutting the cake, I'd like about an hour or more with you both if possible sometime during the day to create images of you and your wedding party without guests looking on. I also like preserving all of the details of the wedding from your cake to your shoes so your day is well rounded. My images of guests at the wedding are almost 100% journalistic and I won't stop entire tables at the reception to make them pose for table shots. I prefer instead to capture the laughing, smiling, dancing, drinking, having great time.


Can we provide you with the shot list I must take pictures? 

It's very helpful to know what important relatives and friends are coming to your day and if any events have very special significance but having to work from a checklist is counterproductive to the work you've seen here my website and it will result in a very different look to your gallery of images. Shot list provided by many major bridal magazines are a great idea in theory but I generally will capture these images without prompting. Also, while Pinterest is amazing, and one or two recreation of a pose is fine, it reduces my ability to capture natural occurring moments for you, as we would be working on the list instead of creating unique work for you.


How long of you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed? 

I've been in business since 2008 and I have photographed over 200 weddings. I've shot on beaches, in churches, in the rain and snow, and everywhere in between I am always deeply honored when I am hired to document a wedding and take that responsibility very seriously.


What happens if you're sick? 

In a decade of shooting weddings, I have never missed a wedding for any reason. I take the responsibility of shooting your wedding extremely seriously and wouldn't just call in sick without a very grave, serious reason behind it. If that were to happen we would find you a replacement photographer.


Do you offer discounts for off-season or non-Saturday events? 

Occasionally discounts are available based on time of year and availability. If you have concerns about your budgetary needs please contact me and let me know.


Do we need to feed you at the reception?

It would be really kind of you if you did but is not a contracted requirement. It is easiest to be fed when you are fed because when you're eating you are not at your most photogenic. And when you're done I want to be done as well to continue your coverage. We do bring our own food and water to weddings, but a hot meal is always a lovely treat during a long workday.


Do you work with a second photographer?

A second photographer is a great asset to the wedding day coverage when the day requires a second vantage point. Many days are able to be covered fully by myself and assistant (who does shoot throughout the day as needed) and the second photographer is not necessarily to complete the documentation of the wedding day. Some days have many moving parts a lot of guests or other things that would benefit from a second shooter for that reason I have a packages with and without the second shooter. You can even choose to add one on later.


Can you explain the difference between your assistant photographer and second photographer? 

My assistant is with me at every wedding. They add an additional view to the coverage of the day. The coverage is most noticeable during the ceremony and the reception. If you desire a completely dedicated second photographer with weddings with exceptionally large guest counts over to 250 or a very complicated logistics(many things happening at same times and different locations) you might want to opt for second photographer, otherwise my assistant photographer and I can cover your day in the same way I photographer with a second shooter would.


Do you edit all of your photographs?

Yes, I do every image that you receive has been hand edited one time without batching in bulk groups and mass producing the results.


Where do you live and how far will you travel?

I live in Davidsville, which is in Somerset county. There's not too much of a limit I will travel, I've been to North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, or just to Pittsburgh. Travel cost is extra above 2 hours of drive time but the package prices remain the same.


How long will it take before we receive our products and our photographs?

Online galleries are posted within three weeks of the wedding date and this is when your digital files are released as well. Upon final approval of album design most albums are ready for delivery with in three weeks.


Are our digital files watermark? 

They are not, the high-resolution files do not bear any watermarks the photos online to bear water marks but only for online purposes


What is a credit?

A credit is something you can use as a money amount. If you have a $300 credit in your package you can use it on prints, canvases, album upgrade, more hours, a second photographer etc. It can't be exchanged for cash back.


How many pictures will receive? 

The number of photographs taken depends on many things, the number of guests, hours of coverag, hours of dancing, and so forth. On average, it is about 75-100 images per hour.


Do we get the copy right of the images? 

I include a copyright release which generally means the same as a release to have your images printed by yourself or lab you choose. That is not the same as obtaining copyright. Copyright simply means that I own the copyright, selling or obtaining the copyright is not possible but you have the ability to print and share your images as much as you'd like. Go crazy, wallpaper your wall with them!